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Plans and distraction

Do you know the feeling that you have all these great ideas and plans, but you keep getting distracted by daily life?

When the quarantine started I quickly came up with the idea to use this time to work on the book that’s been on the shelf for months. And to start with my idea to develop an online programme. A few weeks ahead I still told everyone who asked how I was doing “Great! I am going to write a book and develop an online programme!”. I am going to… In the future…but when? I got frustrated. If I wanted this so badly, then why hadn’t I started yet?

Being stuck

If I’m stuck, there’s usually one of two things going on:

  1. The plan comes from something I WANT My head thinks it’s a good idea. Because it fits something I have done before… Or it is a great opportunity… Or because it’s just the nice/good/appropriate thing to do… But underneath all this is no deeper desire. This mean I am doing everything on the willpower of my mind.

  2. It’s too exciting⁠ If my ideas and plans dó come from a deeper desire and I am stuck, then it’s usually something that triggers a fear or anxiety… The deeper the desire, the more anxious I get. Because what if I can’t make it work… What if I desire something reeeeeeeealy bad, but it’s not for me? Then it’s quite safe to stay in the dreaming / idea phase, because in this phase I can’t fail. Anybody can dream, right? In this case it was definitely the second going on. Additionally another interesting thing happened. In my mind I had decided it was a good idea to take on all these projects ALONE. I have been an entrepreneur for a while now, time to put something out there that’s all me…is what my mind thought.

While deep in side it was mostly a fear failure, my mind added this beautiful condition of doing it alone, which created an extra hurdle to get started. Until my dear friend and colleague @alieszijlstra reached out to me with the proposition to build an online platform for Zelfbewust Academy together. And suddenly it all began to flow. ⁠ And the beautiful thing is…

Not only the only course now came to life, suddenly the book fell in it’s place as well.

But more about that later….


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