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Making choices...

One of the core elements in my coaching. Supporting others to make choices that make their heart beat instead of the choices that make sense or look good on paper.

In 2014 and 2016 I made two big (heart)choices: breaking my relationship and quitting my job. You might think that after that all choices are easy peasy. Welllll, not really. Of course these experiences give me courage. Every day I feel they've been the right choices and how much they bring me.

At the same time I still dread making heart choices sometimes. For example for over a year I have been saying I would like some more focus in work.

Ever since I started working for myself I took every opportunity that came by. Which led to a very diverse and versatile job. The past year I noticed the downside of it. I divided my time and energy over so many things, that none of them really bloomed.

Until I decided to build an online platform with Zelfbewust Academy the past months and to dedicate all my time and energy to it. Wow... That showed me how much I can achieve in a short period of time with focus.

Decision making process

Now that the world is opening back up, my different assignments are starting again too. And it's time to choose... Choose for those clients and assignments that make my heart beat.

My decision making process usually goes something like this:

  • It starts with a (longer) period in which it slowly becomes apparent that something is not working. In this phase I am usually still in denial (at least I don't act upon it).

  • Then comes the moment it becomes so clear, denying isn't possible anymore. And then the stress comes. I know what to do and I dread doing it. This usually comes with emotion as the tension builds up. Holding my breath I take the jump and communicate my decision (communicating it to others is the hardest part for me).

  • This is directly followed by a sense of relief and I feel it was the right decision.

How is that for you? Do you recognise this decision making process or do you have a totally different experience?

P.s. Curious about what choices I made? I'll share that in my next post...


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