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Making choices that make my heart beat

The past weeks have been about making work choices for me. One of them is choosing for work that gives me the most energy (and where I will also put in more of my energy in return).

It feels great and exactly the right thing to do and at the same time a bit scary. Because it automatically means saying goodbye and stopping certain collaborations as well. That triggers me in my loyalty and involvement. Two great values that sometimes (when I cling on to them too much) stop me from growing. Choosing to stop something triggers thoughts like: "but I committed myself to this, then I should also persist" and "I can't just let other people hang".


Besides loyalty and involvement to others it also triggers a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out). What if...just as I step out, something really cool is gonna happen?

Choosing for what makes my heart beat, requires me to observe these thoughts and fears, accept them and then let them go, to make the choice anyway. In the end I know very well that others will be fine without me and cool stuff happens everywhere and all the time, but I can only really enjoy it when I have the attention and space for it.

So I chose... And I will be focussing on:

  1. InCompany coaching at start-ups: by supporting employees in their personal development, they feel better and stronger and their qualities and talents come out more. Therefore they are more effective and less likely to drop out. I feel a real passion for these small companies, where every employee can make the difference. And where ambitious passionate people work, that don't go for the big money, but that feel connected to the product or service of the company.

  2. Individual coaching for sensitive, ambitious women who tend to focus more on others than on themselves. When we focus too much on goals outside ourself and on other people, we tend to get stressed and overwhelmed, because we lose touch with our own needs and desires. Through individual coaching, the workshop Living from my desires and my online programme I support these women to move from head to heart, which to me is the key to living a happy ánd impactful life.

  3. Growing our online platform Zelfbewust Academy Online with extremely impactful online programmes for personal development. I feel the potential and value of these programmes and feel a strong drive to get them out there, available for anyone that is looking for in depth consciousness development.

All my other work I will let go. I look forward very much to supporting you with any of the services above. Curious?

Check for more information or send me a PM!


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