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Manifestation challenge

Recap: I started a 30 day manifestation challenge (from 20th of may to 20th of june), to experiment with the Law of Attraction and see if I can manifest the following three intentions for myself:

  • Launch a successful online learning platform for Zelfbewust Academy with two online programs

  • Double my # of Insta followers (from 303 to 606)

  • Create a €2.000 income (as opposed to €0 in the last three months)

The last days I have been writing the manifestation journal of @manifestationbabe to support my challenge.

This is what I notice...

Now that it's not new to me anymore, it requires quite some dedication and discipline to take the time (about 30 minutes) to sit down and write it in the morning (see my highlight on the challenge for more insight in the journal).

And to be honest... Yesterday I didn't finish it. I got distracted and forgot about it.

But..... It was actually very useful not to write it yesterday, because it gave me some insight in the impact it has. Yesterday I noticed I was working more from willpower than from flow (which was the first time in a while). I felt more tired, less energised.

Was that a coincidence or not?

I guess I'll know if I continue writing and also continue forgetting to write now and then

Do you have anything like this in your morning ritual? Are you disciplined on doing it every day? And what is the effect you notice?


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