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You hired good people, yet you feel not all energy translates into result?

I support your employees to work more effortless, so performance and employee retention will rise and sick leave will decrease.

The pitfalls of start-up employees

Young ambitious employees like to do things right and exceed expectations.

Sounds great right?

Yet without alignment about these expectations, they may flounder in the wrong direction. And a lack of self confidence and experience quickly leads to doubt and procrastination.


This comes at the cost of:




All attention, time and energy are bundled and focussed on the company result.

There is a culture of collaboration, trust and high loyalty to the company

Sick leave decreases and every employee contributes from a positive energy.

What would the impact be on your company if...


"Anneke has a very pleasant and constructive way of helping you to see what you run into."

Through my coaching sessions with Anneke I became aware of certain patterns. Anneke has a very pleasant and constructive way of helping you see what you run into and helps to identify how the smallest habits can stop you from reaching your goals. 

(Translated from Dutch)

Melissa, Growth Hacker

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Coaching is a form of support that contributes to:

awareness, self confidence and personal leadership.

By talking about situations where they feel stuck, employees gain insight in:

  • what is within their influence (and what is not)

  • what convictions and fears get in their way

  • how to use their qualities and talents to solve a situation

  • how to effectively deal with blockages and set backs

This insight causes them to take responsibility and collaborate more effectively. Which enables them to focus their energy on the task(s) they were hired for. Working this way gives a lot of energy and fuels motivation, productivity and openness to learn. 

My name is Anneke. Since 2018 I specialise in coaching start-up employees on performance and personal development. It is my mission to support young ambitious people to deliver the greatest possible contribution from their unique talents and qualities. 

How does coaching contribute?

Coach for:


When to offer coaching?


For individual employees that are stuck in their job or in a collaboration. 


To be an attractive employer that stimulates growth and development.


As an independent third party that cares for your employees and relieves HR and management. 

I support your employees to...

...know what their strengths are

Employees that are aware of their talents and qualities score 44% higher on retention. They are more loyal and stay with your company longer. The employee turnover decreases and significant costs and efforts for recruitment and onboarding are saved.  On top do employees that are able to work from their talents and qualities score 38% higher on productivity, which of course contributes to results and revenue. 

...acknowledge their pitfalls 
Every person has strengths ánd pitfalls. Acknowledging these pitfalls is essential to: (1) ask for help when needed and (2) collaborate to make use of other people's strengths. Pooling strengths enables the team to get things done together. Energy goes to the company result instead of to competition. Not just the team culture will improve, but also results and revenue will rise. 

...focus on their circle of influence I support employees to take responsibility for their own behaviour, actions and expressions. They look at their own part in the matter, focus on how they can improve the situation and stop waisting energy on things they don't have an influence on. This increases both the effectiveness and the culture of your company. No more whining and complaining!

...communicate clearly
Employees that are supported to take more responsibility, will be able to communicate more clearly (and honestly) about what is actually going on. Instead of responding from resentment or a victim perspective, they are able to identify the core of the issue. This leads to faster acknowledgment of stagnations and problems being solved before they escalate. happy and healthy 
By focussing on strengths and solving problems quick and efficient, preventive coaching leads to a decrease of 14% in sick leave. Costs and efforts for replacement and guidance of sick employees are spared. And the work load remains distributed evenly over the team, which decreases the risk of burn-out. 


"The coaching affected me both professionally and personally in a very positive way."

Anneke is a very professional / helpful coach. I didn't know what to fully expect going into it. I went with Anneke to try and help me understand/achieve my professional goals. But actually came out after multiple sessions with a much deeper outcome, affecting me both professionally and personally in a very positive way.

Adam, Recruiter

My approach

Safe and confidential

What coachees share with me in a session remains 100% confidential. In this way I can create a safe setting in which they can open up and share what réally matters. 

Feedback on company level

When multiple coachees encounter the same challenge, there may be an issue that needs to be addressed on a team or organisation level. To contribute to the organisation as a whole, I will share these topics with HR and/or management anonymously and with consent of the coachees. 

Outside when possible

Walking in nature has an immediate decreasing effect on the stress and cortisol level. It lowers blood pressure and heart pace. And it has a positive impact on inner peace and the ability to concentrate. Where possible I therefore coach outside. 

Responsibility and initiative

Real growth happens when someone is intrinsically motivated to learn. Therefore I let my coachees in the lead of their own coaching process. This means they take initiative to book their own sessions and they decide what topic we talk about. 

Pricing models

I offer 1-on-1 coaching and group workshops. On request these can be supplemented with online video modules, which employees follow at a time that suits them best. This is mainly used to share theoretical frameworks or models, so that the coaching or workshop can be fully focused on interaction and application.

Coaching 1-on-1
  • 4 sessions of 60 minutes

  • Online or outside

  • Email support during the process

  • From € 477 per person

A single introduction session is a one-off

option for € 120.

  • Online video modules

  • Available 24/7

  • To support coaching or workshop

  • Standard or custom made

  • Tailor-made price

  • 2-3 hours online or on location

  • Tailored to your needs

  • Frequently asked topics: talents and qualities, giving feedback, motivating and influencing and personal leadership.

Prices are exclusive of VAT, including any travel costs.


"Her amazing talent is asking the right questions for you to come to the answers by yourself. "

After my coaching sessions with Anneke, I started gaining more insights on some behaviours of mine. Her amazing talent is not about labelling things for you, but asking the right questions for you to think about and make you come to the answers by yourself. It felt great.

Carolina, Business Developer


Examples of coaching questions

A couple of examples of coaching questions I have received in the past:

  • I work with two teams, each with their own interests. How do I deal with these two forces pulling at me and how do I guard my boundaries? QA Software Engineer

  • How can I speak up more, share my points of view and communicate them clearly? Back-end Developer

  • How can I support the people in my team to take responsibility and work well together? Team Lead

  • How do I find a balance in working with clients between presenting myself as an expert and adapting to their needs, so that we work well together and they take me seriously? Recruiter

More about Anneke


I am a performance coach. Performance to me is based on personal effectiveness, which is about making conscious choices and taking responsibility for your own growth process, so that you can optimally contribute to your environment and the organisation you work.

I work as in-company coach exclusively for start-ups, besides my own coaching practice. I consciously chose start-ups, because I experience the employees as ambitious, eager to learn and open. Three ingredients that create an enormous growth potential, in which coaching can have a valuable impact. 


As coach my strength is inspire others to trust their qualities, talents, intuition and (gut)feelings. By creating a setting of safety and involvement, coachees can grow in consciousness and self esteem and break through blockages that are in the way. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions do you have with each person?

This depends on the goal of the coaching. When the goal is to look at a specific question/problem, then four sessions are usually sufficient. Coaching for general growth and development or for relieving HR and management can be deployed for a longer period of time. 

Is it worth the investment?

The companies I have coached for up to now experience the coaching as very valuable. These generally are companies where growth and development of their employees are important values of the company. 

Should I make coaching mandatory? 

I advise strongly against making coaching mandatory. Coaching only works when someone is intrinsically motivated to grow and willing to open up. When coaching is mandatory this generally comes at the cost of intrinsic motivation and the impact and succesrate of coaching strongly diminishes. 

Do you have information available for employees to introduce the coaching?

When we decide to work together I offer two options. Either I can make a flyer with all the information that can be spread (download an example here). Or I can make a video in which I introduce myself and the coaching (see an example here). 

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