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For me desires are the key in a conscious life. Because if we choose to listen to the inner urge, the jitters in our heart, we lead ourself towards growth, confidence, power, impact and much more…⁠

Desires show you your potential. They make you feel what is possible for you. And the most beautiful thing is…when you have a desire, it is possible for you to realise it!⁠

It may take time and it may take some conscious decisions and actions. After all…⁠

“If you do what you always did, you will get what you always got” according to Einstein.⁠

But if you are willing to take the leap, go for the unknown, step out of your comfort zone and trust your inner voice… ALL desires can be manifested! REALLY!⁠

But how? ⁠

That’s often the first question that comes up when I say this. And I get it! Just thinking about following a desire, often triggers all sorts of emotions and thoughts. For a long time I had the conviction that following my own needs and desires was selfish for example. And I believed my desires were way too big and unrealistic. ⁠

So I have decided to use my social media to share much much more about this! About how to create a life in which your desires lead you. What to do (or not do), about the misconceptions around desires and of course I will share many of my own experiences!⁠

Thanks for following me! If you feel inspired, please share my post or profile. And let me know if you have any questions!⁠

Love, Anneke⁠


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