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A beating heart beats everything

Together we work on your foundation for powerful choices

Satisfied with a happy life?

My vision and mission

Do you recognise the feeling that your life is on track, you're working hard, but it all feels a bit meh? There is no need to change, but you're not completely happy either? 

So how do you make a next step, when everything is okay-ish? How do you choose for your dreams, without waiting for a hard stop like sickness, your house on fire or your partner running away? 



Anna (28)

Remedial teacher

Living From My Desires was a beautiful day. I went home with valuable insights, new inspiration and a big smile. In the workshop I experienced safety, which allowed me te open up.

Rémy (26)


Every coaching session with Anneke I got insight in my thinking patterns and acted on them. This lead to nothing but positivity: a better understanding with the people around me and a happier feeling.

Sara (31)

Communication advisor

The coaching gave me clarity on what I want the most right now. This gives me peace and focus. Also I want to continue to work on connecting to my body and my emotions. 

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 The Power of Choice Method 

Most likely you have a lot of experience making choices. On average we make 35.000 choices per day. And then we have the option of nót choosing. Which is a choice in itself. 

But often we choose from fear, instead of love. Also we tend to choose for the other, instead of for ourself. And the most important choices we make with our mind, while it's only the heart that speaks the truth. 

The Power of Choice Method supports you to make choices. Not the ones that look good on paper, but the ones that make your heart beat. 

1. Acknowledge

Why are you not free to make powerful choices? Which patterns or convictions are getting in the way? In this phase we explore what is not working for you and what is at the root of all that. 

2. Desire

In the second phase you become free from the behaviour that no longer serves you. So you become free to connect to what you truly desire. If you learn to listen to your heart, you create space to make the right choices. 

3. Choose


Which qualities and talents do you already have? How can they support you in making your choices? In this last phase you build a strong base and get tools to make powerful choices, now and in the future. 

Don't ask what the world needs.

Ask what makes you come alive.

Because what the world needs,

Is more people who have come alive!

Howard Thurman

 More Power of Choice in Your Life 


All my services are build on the three phases of the Power of Choice Methode. Work with me in a single session, a series of sessions or an inspiration workshop to strengthen your power of choice.

Choice Boost

Are you facing a single dilemma or choice? In one session (60-90 min) I support you to get clarity on which choice is right for you. What is in line with your desires? And what is currently in the way to make this choice?


Do you experience a more general lack of fulfilment or a feeling of being stuck? In six sessions I support you to let go of structural blockages, reconnect to your desires and build a strong foundation to make powerful choices. 

From €490

Choice Foundation

Be inspired at the workshop "Living From My Desires". In a day I guide you through an easy step-by-step process, that supports you to daily connect to your desires and take decisions based on these desires. 


Choice Inspiration


 You can count on me! 

If you choose for one of my services, I will give you:

No instant-happiness-formula, but a strong foundation, so you can make your own powerful choices. 

A listening ear, that hears more than is being said. 

No unsolicited advice. Only tools to become your own advisor. 

Simple and effective, but not always easy techniques.


A coach you can trust, so you can grow your self-confidence.



Hard choices, make your life easy.

“Don’t ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, because what the world needs is more people who have come alive”  (Howard Thurman)

At this moment in my life I feel very alive! I found my passion and mission in supporting others. And I am thankful that I get to do that every day. 

In 2013, when I was 30 years old, I was in a different place. I thought I had it all figured out. I was in a relationship, bought a house, had a steady job and nice friends. It all looked great...on paper. On the inside I felt empty and restless.

I realised I want constantly focused on what others needed, instead of on what I longed for myself. My relationship felt numb and at work I felt useless. I came to the point that I knew I had to change something. 

Making these choices though, was the scariest thing I could imagine. But at some point I couldn't hold it anymore and I did it anyway... In a period of two years I broke up my relationship and, after a burn-out, quit my job as well. I couldn't have done that without all the support I received. 

It's a process that is not easy on your own. To réally get clarity, connect to desires and make powerful choices, a mirror and outside perspective is very helpful. 

That it why I combined the most powerful methods and techniques I experienced in my Power of Choice Method. 

If my story resonates with your, I would be very happy to support you too!


 Choose for more Choice Power 

Are you done with a satisfactory life?

And ready for powerful choices? 

Choose to have a cup of coffee with me!


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